Living In Melbourne

What is it like living here?

My son's preschool is a 7-10 minutes walk. Every time I walked back home, this is the view that I would see on my way home. It is also our favourite hangout to have picnic, bbq, walk/run/cycle in the park and of course there's a playground for my kids. 

We are staying at the south-east of Victoria. It is a new development and we are still part of Melbourne metro. The drive to work can be rather pleasant minus busy traffic (if you're not heading towards the city). Imagine going to work and have to pass this view. 

Or perhaps do a quick run to the supermarket in the late evening.

Alhamdulilah (Grateful) for the views.

There are a lot of great free indoor and outdoor playground for my kids. The beaches is about half an hour away. Supermarket and Shopping mall are nearby too. It's easy to wind down and just travel to your favourite hideout during the weekends or even after work. Or stay home! We have a reasonable size backyard where my kids love to water the plants or play in the pool. Nothing short of adventures! 

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Goodbye…for now

Salam readers, Jazak'Allah Khair for reading my blog and for those who reached out to me. After this date, my blog will be deactivated and probably lost in the internet world. If you happen to come across this blog, I hope it serves the best interest for you. 

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Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities available here. I would like to emphasize that it all depend on your past work experience, education, CV/resume and of course, your faith. If the job is meant to be yours, it be yours. 

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Finding myself again

The other day I spoke to this nice lady from Tarneit about trauma briefly. Year 2022 was not a great time for me. A lot of unfortunate events happened that took a toll on me. Eventually I gave up, sending my resignation letter to my principal from my son's hospital bed. 

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Challenges living abroad…in Melbourne (Part 1 of 2)

Pat yourself for being brave to step foot into the unknown. This journey will never be easy. I knew what I am getting myself into, and yet, I can still be so unprepared for it. Here are some challenges that I have narrowed keep your mind, heart and soul open to any possibilities and be like the Australian-whatever life may will be alright mate! 

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Finding a job in Melbourne

Post Covid has made Australia to open their doors for more migrants in order to boost their economy. Hence, there are more head hunters and job postings targeting those living abroad or living in another Australia state to come over for work. Benefits such as relocation money, work visa sponsorship and temporary accomodation may be included in the job offer. 

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Celebrating Eid

I learnt that there are about 3 different groups of Muslims celebrating Eid here (year 2023). 1 group who followed the Saudi time so they celebrated Eid on Friday. 1 group followed the Fatwa so that will be Saturday. Then, we have the Moonsighters group where they waited for the announcement and based on the moon, they celebrated on Saturday too. 

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Asian Groceries

If the largest asian supermarket (Hong Kong asupermarket) is too far for you, fret not...there will always be an asian grocery nearby you. I would like to think that it is available in almost most medium-sized malls. 

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I knew this day will come, but I didn't know how bad it will affect me. We only moved in Dec 2022 but in Feb 2023, I received news about my dad in Singapore who was rushed to the hospital via ambulance service. The doctor told him that he needed a major surgery urgently and my dad has to give them the consent. He refused initially...took us siblings and my mom via several video calls to coax him to do the surgery. It was a high risk operation, that got all of us so riled up. It was a chaotic period because I also had to engage a lawyer for my dad before he goes for that major surgery. As usual there will be red tapes, so I had to ask for favour from the lawyer and the nurses. Thankfully all went well. Surgery went well too with no complication but things are definitely not the same for my parents. Mobility will be a great concern. I told dad that I will come back to Singapore earliest in July for Hari Raya Haji. The holidays for Hari Raya in April was too short and I would not want my husband to rush back to Melbourne for work. 

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If you're from Singapore, you probably used to have the Mufti announce the Ramadhan and every Singaporean will fast according to what Mufti has declared. There was a year when every country has celebrated their Eid but Singapore was still fasting. Despite some Singapore Muslims 'mock' the Mufti, everyone still follow and abide to continue to fast. Some might got pissed and drove to Johor to break their fast early. 

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Expand your circle

Networking is important in Australia especially when you have kids. People do get hired for jobs through connections. So expand your network. Make friends with your neighbours. Don't just stick to just malays. I am not saying abandon your race and culture. Go and network with other muslims of different nationalities. Almost everyone is a migrant here. Make friends with Australians because who knows one day you might want to denounce your country citizenship. 

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Four seasons in a day

It makes a lot of sense to have a weather app in my phone now. I need it to see whether the temperature drops a lot at night so I will not use the fan at all. When it was supposed to be summer, the chills linger (10-12 degrees) and it was so cold we didn't want to shower twice. It took a long time for the tap water to turn warm. Taking wudhu for Subuh is brrrrrr. I literally shiver. So imagine how's winter going to be. I do not want to anticipate winter. That reminds me that I should get a plug heater for the toilet. Don't think the house heater is enough. Anyway, don't forget that Melbourne is known for 4 seasons in a day. Some days the weather just cannot make up its mind. It was heavy downpour as I walked back home and was super sunny as I stepped my foot in my house. We had the same experience when we were staying in the city. Nonetheless, I am still thankful for the sunshine. It helps to dry the laundry and keeps the mold away.

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How’s the city?

We had the chance to stay in the city when we first arrived here. We stayed at Spencer street- Neo 200. Lovely place with best amenities around us. I love that the Asian grocery was just across us and it has a wide selection. Coles is just beside. Then there's the bus and train interchange. A decent mall and breathtaking view of the city. Well perhaps part of it. I'm very sure you get to see fireworks during new year. Check out the view from our city apartment. 

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Racist tak?

Melbourne is a multicultural place. It's easy to spot another race every now and then. I have spoke to many angmohs and they have always been the nicest. They always greet me when I'm walking around the neighbourhood. So far have yet to feel any discrimination as a Muslimah. The muslims community here are very very supportive too! Everyone comes from all over the world, share the same religion and we still are in peace and harmony.

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