Finding a job in Melbourne

Published on 15 June 2023 at 23:08

Post Covid has made Australia to open their doors for more migrants in order to boost their economy. Hence, there are more head hunters and job postings targeting those living abroad or living in another Australia state to come over for work. Benefits such as relocation money, work visa sponsorship and temporary accomodation may be included in the job offer. 

Before Covid happened, I have researched that many migrants have difficulties securing a job. They may have all the necessary visa and skills required but difficulty to get employed. Many migrants shared that they had to do odd jobs or entry level jobs just to gain some local experience before they can get hired for their chosen profession. 

I thought post Covid would be different. Apparently having local experience is still one of the criteria especially if you're an Asian. Yes the English language matters a lot particularly the Australian slang. A lot of conversation will be involved and it takes some time to comprehend the thick Australian accent. Then there's the Australian work culture too. It's no culture shock, really. I think they will be shock at us Singaporeans who just work and work all the time. Have the tendency to be kiasu and compete every time. These kind of attitude just won't sit well with the locals. Unless you are the boss with your own business. 

Networking is very important here. It's like your gateway to get a job or the position you wanted. Make friends and have small chit chat with whoever. You will be pleasantly surprised at how others (strangers, really!) are willing to rope you in to get you a job. There's like massive skilled workers shortage everywhere in Australia. The only barrier will be when the particular job require a specific visa and/or a particular license that you need to register for. I am not sure if it's a barrier. Usually need you to prove that you can ace the English exam here.

To be honest, a few have reached out to me to offer me employment. Working at the office would be ideal but at this moment, I'll have to stick to working from home on a part-time basis first. I just hope on-site job opportunities will still be available when things at home has truly settle. The new regulation for working from home seems stricter too. Oh yes, if you intend to be self-employed, do apply for your own ABN number. And yes, do file your taxes too. I need to ring up the tax accountant soon. 

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