Relocate to Melbourne

Your visa is finally approved but what's next? There's migration agent to help with visa processes but what about the help that you need to move from one country to another and settle nicely? 

There are relocation agents available. They can also assist you in getting that rental property too. Just pay some moo for their services. 

Otherwise you can rolled up your sleeves and do the processes all on your own! 

Let me try to help you out to navigate your transition as smoothly as possible. There will be bumpy roads ahead, however don't worry. Click on the tabs that you wish to find out more. There isn't really like a step by step process. Okay maybe most important is getting a phone number and a bank account. Next thing is address. Whatever address that helps to send you an official letter (like from the bank) with your name on it. Crucial!


Just be patient with the services here. Things do get done but it may or may not be that efficient.  Staffs do take their time to ensure all the details are accurate. So waiting time to have your approval can be long. The locals here are very hardworking and when it's work, they really take it seriously. At the same time they know very well on how to wind down during the break. Some department or services can throw you off or you have it easy all the way. Life is a mystery. So keep it that way. 

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Our steps to apply for Permanent Resident

Like I said, the process is tedious. However, some steps are easy peasy, fuss free. Expect the unexpected too. It's a process. Despite the fact that I am not the willing partner, and delay some of the processes, (thanks Covid!) I still push myself to make this happen. I worked quite closely with my agent especially when Australia borders opened in 2022. Mind you, our application was rejected for Canberra but that's a blessing because I told our agent we were not keen on that particular visa. It's a work visa where you have to work for few years and then you can apply for PR. You won't need to secure a job first before arriving but it's important that you work according to the occupation pegged to your visa. I remembered having to write an essay on why Canberra is a place to work and live. Gosh, that made me fall in love. The reason for rejection was silly but I'm glad they rejected us. 

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Renting a house

There's a 100 points check form that you need to fill in your data in order to get a rental unit of your choice. I be honest, it is not easy to score 100 points especially when you have never rent a unit before. So if you do not have any experience in renting before, perhaps try to put down your airbnb experience. Especially those airbnb owners whom you had to interact quite closely during your holiday as they will be the one to give a short survey report on you. The rental market is crazy now- as of April 2023. Australia opening their borders means more migrants coming in to live, work or study and thus a demand for rental homes. Expect long queues to do your in-person inspection. This is a must. If you are buying from an agent, do expect for them to come check on you every six months or so to see if you can maintain the house well. However, I don't think most agents will do a check unless the landlord ask for it.  

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Children's Education

There's a free kindergarten for 4 year old and this only apply to kindergarten that offers session timing. Childcare may have it but I find the deduction is not that much. Oh yes, do check with your city council if the kinder freebie is only free for the 15 hours per week. 

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Buying a car

Unlike Singapore, Australia don't have COE. People here do not feel entitled so keep your entitlement to yourself. Be humble. That's my tip for you. Anyway, do expect to pay your car between $3000 to $50,000. Unless you buy a luxury brand...then I'm not sure. 

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Ada orang Melayu di sini?

Yes, we Malays are not alone! For those who needs some familiarity, apparently there are a great number of Malays here. Singaporean Malays and Malaysian Malays. So far I have heard the Malays coming from the North, East and Southeast (I'm here!) of Victoria. 

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My battle with migration

I wrote a long post but it disappeared. Maybe the story was not meant to be shared. Let it be something special that I experienced from my Creator. And I'm sure you will experience it too in your own ways. I am not someone who search for happiness because I rather search for meaning. I always like to strive to do something that is meaningful. Niat is important. 

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Medicare or Insurance

If you have PR visa, do apply for your Medicare online as soon as possible. Processing takes like a month and when you have reached OZ, your young kids need to get a health check on their immunisation status to enter school. Per consultation visit is about $38. With the Medicare card, it waive off your consultation fees. Melbourne is well-known to be the country who has the most number of people who gets allergies.  Hayfever, colds, please be aware. Invest in air purifier as it helps to prevent your family members from getting the sniffles which can lead to breathing difficulties. 

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You need to get your Tax File Number aka TFN number. This can be done online.

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Getting the car's licence

Let's say you are staying in Dandenong and all other suburbs after it such as Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne or Clyde North. You need to make appointment with Vicroads Dandenong. That’s the nearest in south east suburbs.

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