Salam all! (Good day, Mate!)
This blog is meant for the Malay Muslim community who intends to move to Australia, particularly Melbourne. I try my best to include topics for the Malays and/or the Muslims. However, most of the topics that I have written are generally for everyone, doesn't matter the race and religion. Mostly will be written in English. I am also not paid to write so all that I have shared in this blog is merely from our experience and from my friends. 
Anyway, do accept our sharing in this website as another suggestion or recommendation. I will try my best to also share the links of existing websites and resources that I found useful for our transition here in Melbourne. I have included a search engine at the top of my website so just type it out and it will lead you to the relevant post.
Do note that I am not a food critique, not a tour guide or migration agent. I am also not an influencer so whatever change of hearts that you may have after reading this blog..that's on you. ūüėā I am just another Singaporean lady (yes, ain't throwing that citizenship yet) who left her favourite hometown Singa-city and move to Melbourne to make her family members' dreams come true. InSyaa'Allah. (If God wills)
May Allah (God) ease your transition here in Melbourne too.

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Goodbye…for now

Salam readers, Jazak'Allah Khair for reading my blog and for those who reached out to me. After this date, my blog will be deactivated and probably lost in the internet world. If you happen to come across this blog, I hope it serves the best interest for you. 

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Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities available here. I would like to emphasize that it all depend on your past work experience, education, CV/resume and of course, your faith. If the job is meant to be yours, it be yours. 

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Finding myself again

The other day I spoke to this nice lady from Tarneit about trauma briefly. Year 2022 was not a great time for me. A lot of unfortunate events happened that took a toll on me. Eventually I gave up, sending my resignation letter to my principal from my son's hospital bed. 

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Challenges living abroad…in Melbourne (Part 1 of 2)

Pat yourself for being brave to step foot into the unknown. This journey will never be easy. I knew what I am getting myself into, and yet, I can still be so unprepared for it. Here are some challenges that I have narrowed keep your mind, heart and soul open to any possibilities and be like the Australian-whatever life may will be alright mate! 

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