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Published on 24 October 2023 at 11:38

There are plenty of job opportunities available here. I would like to emphasize that it all depend on your past work experience, education, CV/resume and of course, your faith. If the job is meant to be yours, it be yours. 


Many has asked me whether I am part of this particular college where at that point of time, I have no contract given to me at all. It has been a journey working as a casual worker ONLINE but I decided to end it (not all thou) to focus on something more permanent. Hence, the search for jobs. Based on people's reviews in finding (permanent) work at Australia as a migrant has never been easy. Reviews shared that one need to do volunteer work to gain Australia experience. Even your name can be a problem because people were speculating online that organization here decides to be racist. Not sure if you should believe it although a survey on that was conducted and presented online. And then I know some friends who couldn't get an interview for over a year. With that, I told myself to start searching early so probably can start only in 2024. 


The CV/resume style over here is different from Singapore. You also have to look out for jobs that require a respond for KSC- Key Skills Criteria. I actually felt it will take me a longer time to craft my application for jobs that require KSC. (FYI, I found chatGPT to be really helpful but customised to your words please!) The first job that I applied was through Seek. I use their platform and did not upload my own CV. Alhamdulilah, I received a call from them shortly for an interview. 


After two interviews, this job was really great. The remuneration was really good but a part of me was unsure as I wanted something where I have school holidays too. It does not make sense when 3 of my family members enjoying their getaway as I cringe myself to work. Oh yes, this job has their shutdown period too. They will close operation in late December until mid January, and you still be paid. 


All sounds good but not for long term thou. I know I need something that works out well for my family. So I decided to put in effort for my cover letter and resume. I used that and uploaded them through Seek. Alhamdulilah, received calls and interviews shortly. One of the interview I had was impactful and something I needed for my journey here. He was so happy to give me a tour and even gifted me  handmade scarves. This couple are really God-sent! Their wise words led me to open up a new perspective.


Hence, I gave a chance to the college who has been waiting to welcome me over. Yes, I was quite determined to not be in the same workplace as my husband and children. Masya'Allah it is a job full of barakah. I am blessed to be able to do something that I very much like back then when I was a Social Worker, and I blessed to have leaders and colleagues who trust me to deliver the necessary support for the students in this college. 


As for the other jobs who felt that I was a promising candidate, thank you for choosing me. I am all very grateful to still be receiving job offers (MOE Singapore masih eh!) and as much as possible I try to find opportunities for other people too. I know it hasn't been easy, but have faith. 

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