Must Buy This

Let me narrow down the Top 5 items that you should get for your migration journey. 

1. Surge Protector Power Board

  • Universal Travel Surge Protector Power Board
  • 2M 4 AC Outlets/ 3 USB Ports/1 Type C
  • Independent Switch Travel Power Strip Power Board 2500W 

I am very sure most of you will get some travel adaptors for your electronic items that has a different plug for Australia power socket. After I have moved, I realised my TV section needed both Australia and Singapore power socket. This is the best thing that I have ever bought. It is a universal board and I can plug any type of plugs from any country to this board. And if you're not using it, just switch it off! Love the individual on/off switch. Do get it when you have arrived! 

Link to buy: Click here!

2. Favourite Portable Heaters

We have a centralised heater in our house but our friends told us that prolong usage will shoot up the electricity bills. We're talking about $1000 electric bills. Melbourne is mostly chilly 9 months of the year and most of the time you will be spending your time in the house at one place, one room or one corner. So, do yourself a favour and get one of these or all of these. They may be mini but they are big with the heat! *Update: Please check if your centralised heater is more cost-saving than portable heaters. Centralised heater can also either be gas or electric. Nonetheless, all products will depend on your usage. 

Choose which heater fancy to your liking by clicking on the picture!

3. Dehumidifier

The cold days are here. I thought the air will be dry so a humidifier will help but nope. Apparently there's a lot of moisture in the air and mould will build-up over time. Yes those moulds which are dark black spots. Even if you can't see them, their invisibility is polluted. We coughed alot during the rainy season. Had terrible sorethroat and viral flu-lung infection too. We do open the windows in the day to air out the rooms but nothing beats this dehumidifier. Hey, it's useful to air-dry your clothes too without the dryer. 

Click the product above or the link below to purchase!

4. Air Purifier

Melbourne is known for the city with the most allergies. If you catch a cold and then quickly be well, that is alright. However, this is not the case. I do not like the frequent hospital trips or to the urgent clinic for breathing difficulties. I worry more for my kids especially my daughter who has Bronchitis. She was unwell for almost two weeks. I purchased an air purifier and it works fantastic! This air purifier is an investment for long term health. So expect to change the air filter every 4 months. The air is so much cleaner and I like how I can change the fan speed and have a nightlight or not. Just switch it on for a few hours every night and it helps to eliminates bad odours too such as farts! Click on the product to purchase ok! 

5. Clothes Drying Rack

Click on the product to purchase. 

I have tried and tested others and this is the best quality drying rack especially when you are renting. Unless your landlord have those fixed drying rack that is attached to the wall, then that's great. This drying rack stays sturdy despite the strong wind. Can easily bring it outdoors or indoors. Can fold it and put aside too. I bought this in Kmart but in case they are out of stock, Amazon has it too!