Finding myself again

Published on 26 July 2023 at 09:47

The other day I spoke to this nice lady from Tarneit about trauma briefly. Year 2022 was not a great time for me. A lot of unfortunate events happened that took a toll on me. Eventually I gave up, sending my resignation letter to my principal from my son's hospital bed. 

I have always been the cheerful Yellow to everyone at work. Last day of work, I came home looking sour. I didn't entertained my husband's friends who happened to be at our place. I was very sad to close this chapter. Life did not went back to normal. I almost lost one of my best friends. And I lose some more til I lost myself. I am glad that I was not in a full-time job. Working on my grief has been a rollercoaster. Even typing this story is a pain but I know it will help to heal me. 

I have been in survival mode for a very long time. And I will continue to survive, have strength to endure whatever that may happen. It may be easy to say but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Here is a photograph of a sculpture that I have helped to make when I was a design student. My ex-classmate who is now working at Temasek Polytechnic could not confirm if the sculpture is still there. (One reason to go back Tampines to show off to my kids 😆) 


Ex-classmate asked if I moved to Melbourne because of my husband. Yes, I moved here because of love. I love my husband and my kids. And I should start loving myself more too.


Alhamdulilah, I managed to make this migration possible and my husband just show up for everything. 😜 Now that I have helped others to settle down here nicely, I do think it is time for me to focus more on myself. I want to be that person who hustle many nights to create a sculpture which I am proud of. I want to be Ms Cheerful Yellow again who brings sunshine to others. So to those who are still finding themselves, it is there. Just need to ignite it. 

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