Halal Food Matters

Selamat datang ke negeri omputeh dan aboriginals. This is not Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore or even Indonesia. So, do expect that most food packaging do not have Halal stamp and some dine-in places do not have halal certification. It does take some effort to check with some apps, facebook or call the supplier for confirmation. Over here, I learnt terms such as Halal suitable, Halal friendly and Halal certified. Go figure out yeah! If you are feeling terribly unsure, then please do not eat. 

Links to check out about Halal in Australia

My Favourite to-go halal website would be this: https://halalfoodmelbourne.com.au/ 


Other times when I want to just check out what is the latest news about halal food or halal places in Melbourne, below are the links:


You can also download an app or use the link to check if your meat is halal: 

Just key in the EST number.
So far organic meat that I have come across are halal based on the EST.


Popular Places to find your barang pasar

For South-East muslims, this is the biggest pasar that you can go to get your meat and groceries. 

Almost every suburb will have a halal meat shop so don't worry if Marmara is too far for you. You can also opt to do online delivery too for a small fee. Probably best to get that big freezer box. Stock up so you won't need to travel back and forth. 

Looking for Asian ingredients? Basically more towards Malay/Indon and Chinese cuisines? Then yes please head to Hong Kong Supermarket. Asian groceries can be found almost everywhere but this is the biggest in Melbourne. The biggest lah in Melbourne. Parking is free for 3 hours.


How I wish Hong Kong Supermarket do online delivery but they do not.

Fret not, just google Asian Pantry and if you are within their delivery area, they will deliver.


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