Is migrating to Melbourne worth it?

Published on 27 September 2023 at 23:45

No. Blatantly no. 
Especially when I know I love my life in Singapore and leaving everyone that is dear to me is a heartache. Migrating can simply be not worth it. 

But nothing in this world is permanent. 

It takes a lot to shift my mindset and focus on the now instead of the past. Accept what is given than harping on what is not mine. Again and again, I leave my affairs to the Almighty and constantly praying that I be guided to be in the right path.


I'm someone who does not seek happiness. I seek contentment and peace. Sometimes it can be hard because I do still cry after zoom calls or even looking at photos. I learnt to accept that there will always be sadness in my heart. Grief doesn't go away but at least I know how to heal myself. 

Surprisingly, migration allows me to seek the true purpose in life. It enhance my soul and spirit positively and strengthen-equip myself with skills beyond my expectations.

So, is it still worth it? 
For Allah, yes. 

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