Earthquake in Melbourne

Published on 29 May 2023 at 11:50

I woke up with text messages that there was an earthquake. I actually went outside to check if anything falls apart and there was none. 


Apparently, the 3.8-magnitude quake struck 3km deep in the north-western suburb of Sunbury about 11.40pm yesterday (28th May 2023), recorded by Geoscience Australia.

We are staying at South East of Melbourne and did not felt any tremors. However, we have friends from the north and my husband's soccer chatgroup (Clayton, Narre Warren South suburbs) shared their experiences. One even shared there was cracks on the walls. 

Our friends from the North woke up from this earthquake and described how it felt as if there was a huge truck moving along their road at night and vibrated the earth. Alhamdulilah, they are safe.

I have Islamic studies today and we started off talking about the Earthquake. Someone shared she felt grateful to still be alive as it is a reminder that we should strive to always improve ourselves as a person and be closer to God. 


Living in a foreign country which is Melbourne, I thought besides the erratic weather and the allergies one can developed, earthquake is a shocker to me. Although some netizens made a humour from this low-impact earthquake in social media, we should always remember that nothing is impossible. May Allah (God) protect us always.  

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