How much is the rent?

Published on 23 June 2023 at 02:15


There I said it. Welcome to Melbourne. 
I am very sure both Sydney and Melbourne have high rental rates. The news reports mentioned it so. Perth did raise their rental rates too but isn't exorbitantly high. 

Apartment vs 4 bedder house rental rates are different in prices. You might pay 2 bedder apartment for $350 per week in the non-city area vs $500 in the city area. These are estimation.  Then, there are also higher rates for those good suburbs or houses that is near to amenities. 

Currently, average 4 bedder landed house in Melbourne is between $500-700 per week. You can expect similar prices for townhouses too.

The city council always ensure there will be a supermarket at least within a short drive from where you are staying. It is not that 'ulu' (remote). I know many Australians who works in the city. They will park their car in the suburbs and take the train to the city. Most of them are daily commuters and another friend has a work-from-home on every Friday. City bosses are flexible too with work arrangement but again depends on the type of job you do. 

Back to the rental rates, please use the following calculator when calculating your rental rates. We have the tendency to just multiply by 4 weeks based on a weekly rent rate. If it's $500 per week, it is NOT $500 X 4 weeks = monthly payment.

This link below helps to calculate your rent repayment. 

As a renter, you do have an option to choose your time repayment method. Usually its either fortnightly or monthly repayment. Do check with your landlord or the agency about it. Sometimes, owner themselves have a preference.

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