Celebrating Eid

Published on 5 May 2023 at 23:22

I learnt that there are about 3 different groups of Muslims celebrating Eid here (year 2023). 1 group who followed the Saudi time so they celebrated Eid on Friday. 1 group followed the Fatwa so that will be Saturday. Then, we have the Moonsighters group where they waited for the announcement and based on the moon, they celebrated on Saturday too. 


Stunning isn't it? A photo that the moonsighters posted in Facebook. This was seen at Queensland. 

Eid prayers held at alot of places other than the mosque. Such as the outdoor field, stadium and schools. Just plan your route well and bear in mind about the parking. 

In Australia, celebration is a little different for the kids. Kids will get showbags/giftbags of toys and snacks. In Singapore, we usually give green packets where inside it contains $2/$5/$10. I wasn't sure about the teenagers but the last I checked from the Afghans, they gave money packets to the older kids. 

Oh yes and I like Eid event festivals! There's face painting, carnival for the kids, horse riding, archery and great yummy food such as satay and the famous sausage sizzle. 

And how was Eid for my family? Very different, very emotional. My son was unwell so we could not do proper visiting. We had alot of invites, my husband kinda bummed that we could not go. As for my SG family, it was different with two siblings away overseas. My parents don't really celebrate as my dad is still warded in hospital. They managed to get a special request to bring him down from the ward and we all had a video conference. 

Definitely a sombre Eid unlike the years before. Everyone including my parents' siblings and our cousins will come to my parents' place on the first day of Raya. Usually I will help to cook a dish or two for my mom's guests. I told my husband, if Eid falls during the school holiday, we should go back. Singapore usually celebrates Eid in the whole month of Syawal. So it would be nice to spend time with loved ones back home. 

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