Challenges of living abroad in Melbourne (Part 2 of 2)

Published on 9 September 2023 at 00:19

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Administrative Matters

This is basically paperwork. Some things are not that straightforward. Some processes are just slow. Paperwork can be about opening a bank account, local phone number, getting a rental, applying for tax number, installing internet cable, getting a car, applying for medicare or centrelink. 

Every migrant will have their fair share of administrative paperwork that is not going their way. My husband was confused with his Super annuation because he could not accessed them online. Funny how that company who managed his Super need him to submit certified documents to prove his identity just so he can have his password to log in when they already took and keep the money. 

Cost of living

I guess post covid is expensive anywhere? 
There will always be some pros and cons if you compare this country and another. I actually don't mind saying Australia is expensive. Yes, every asian tourist will complain about both eating out and buying groceries here. 

So how? Grow your own food, cook more often, buy bulk, shop in Aldi and compare prices at those local sunday markets.

Those students on visas are not having it easy especially those living near the city or have campus at the city. Alot of good halal food can be found in the city but eating out often can break your bank. 

Besides food, there's electric/gas bills to pay. 
Due to cold days especially in Winter, everyone needs a heater yeah? Expensive. Or aircon in summer? Expensive. Then car fuel prices has gone up too like $1.90-$2.  


They said it is tough to get employment or even interview over here because of our names that is isn't 'English'. 

I tested the market and I received job interviews shortly. Possibly because of my education and work experience in social work and disability. So, I do think your resume will stand out if you're a skilled worker that the locals are in dire shortage.

I do know friends who did not get any interview at all for a year. Possibly the jobs that they are trying to get has to compete with many other Australian residents. Naturally, all employers will favour an Australian resident as compare to a non-resident. Also, it depends on the company ethos too. Some have to employ residents first and then non residents, or some have to employ international applicants due to the nature of the job. 

I do think the job is yours when the time has come. Otherwise, come have a chat with me and I see how I can help you out. I tried to help out friends with the connections that I have. 



Alhamdulilah, I have yet to come across haters here in Melbourne. People are kind. Please stay that way. Thank you to those that I crossed my path with and welcome me and family warmly to Melbourne. 


Access to medical care

Hospitals are at their maximum capacity. Again, post covid problem. My friend visits the public A&E hospital frequently. Peak period is a long wait that can be more than 4 hours. You will still be seen and given adequate care. Even if you need to be admitted, it is just another waiting game and you will be taken care of. 

Do take note of the clinics here. Download hotdoc app to see available time slots that you can prebook (yes must book in advance). I like to go to a certain clinic not found in hotdoc app so explore your options and limitations (insurance matters). Clinics may offer bulk billing or mixed billing (for residents/PR). Most of the time, doctors will tell you to rest and won't prescribe any medication unless its antibiotics or specific medication. My husband usually opt for telehealth whereas I will want to see f2f with my female muslim doctor. 

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