Four seasons in a day

Published on 19 March 2023 at 01:16

It makes a lot of sense to have a weather app in my phone now. I need it to see whether the temperature drops a lot at night so I will not use the fan at all. When it was supposed to be summer, the chills linger (10-12 degrees) and it was so cold we didn't want to shower twice. It took a long time for the tap water to turn warm. Taking wudhu for Subuh is brrrrrr. I literally shiver. So imagine how's winter going to be. I do not want to anticipate winter. That reminds me that I should get a plug heater for the toilet. Don't think the house heater is enough. Anyway, don't forget that Melbourne is known for 4 seasons in a day. Some days the weather just cannot make up its mind. It was heavy downpour as I walked back home and was super sunny as I stepped my foot in my house. We had the same experience when we were staying in the city. Nonetheless, I am still thankful for the sunshine. It helps to dry the laundry and keeps the mold away.

Summer (Dec to Feb)

Sunny and the days are longer. Expect mahgrib to be at 8pm. Heatwave doesn't last long. It can be be super hot like 38° and then rain comes the next day and back to cooler sunny weather. It is just too bad that summer is about 3 months. The rest of the year is basically chilly weather. It is also not humid so you don't get so sweaty easily.

Going to the beach is probably the favourite pastime for most people. So remember to put on sunscreen as much as possible and wear a hat. The sun is nearer to Australia and skin cancer is the number 1 here. 

Autumn (March to May) 

Air is amazingly fresher! 
Everyone is ditching their summer wear and putting on long sleeves. Some even started to wear their puffy coats. Do note that everyone has a different tolerance to the weather.

Autumn do seems to rain more. It can rain the whole night or in the day. Forget umbrella. It's useless here especially when it's windy plus rain. Those rainproof jackets are the best. Sunset is earlier too (at 6pm) especially when daylight savings has taken place in April. 

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