Your Visa Matters

The type of visa does matters. It is not easy to get into Australia, even as a tourist, you do need to get a visa. Unless you're a Japanese.

Getting a permanent resident visa is the best visa to enjoy the benefits the country can offer. Let me remind you, this is a welfare state. The government takes good care of you. Well, so I hope. The only thing you cannot participate is to vote during their election. 


Just to get PR is not an easy thing. There's age requirement, qualification and perhaps education. There are many pathways to get it such as marrying someone who is a PR or Australian, getting sponsored by family member or employer or applying as a skilled worker. With covid restrictions eases, Australia is looking for more jobs to be filled and thus open its door WIDELY for migration. There are many skilled occupations that can be found in almost any state. From Barista to Engineer. It is actually a good time (2022 onwards) to apply. 

I won't talk about study visa and tourist visa. Just make sure you know your visa rights and adhere to it. There's parent visa too and if you are keen, always check for updates. Immigration Australia keep changing their policies so that's why it is wise to engage a migration agent/migration lawyer. 

As for those of you who managed to get work visa, as long as your employer is taking good care of be alright mate!