How’s the city?

Published on 17 March 2023 at 00:39

We had the chance to stay in the city when we first arrived here. We stayed at Spencer street- Neo 200. Lovely place with best amenities around us. I love that the Asian grocery was just across us and it has a wide selection. Coles is just beside. Then there's the bus and train interchange. A decent mall and breathtaking view of the city. Well perhaps part of it. I'm very sure you get to see fireworks during new year. Check out the view from our city apartment. 

Staying at the city or living near it has its perks. Melbourne is never short of festivals and events. I actually can't wait to attend their sport events. There's family friendly events and usually alcohols will not be served. Halal food places are in abundance here and it is a must to explore their cafe.

However, traffic is horrible so many will opt to take public transport there. There's no free parking and if you do need to park in the city, wish you luck! Popular parking spots can cost you $75 for 3 hours park so perhaps park a little further from the city and take a tram. There's free tram rides in the city too. Plan your route well! 

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