Getting the car's licence

Published on 15 March 2023 at 15:33

Let's say you are staying in Dandenong and all other suburbs after it such as Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne or Clyde North. You need to make appointment with Vicroads Dandenong. That’s the nearest in south east suburbs.

VicRoads Website link is this


You can do so online but the date that you chose, please ensure you have a letter that has your name and AU address. This can be your bank letter. 


It’s necessary to have your Victorian car licence because you can only drive with Singapore's licence (or other overseas/interstate) up to 6 months. Please inform staff to not punch a hole to your current Singapore licence card. It be deem invalid if you were caught using it in Singapore. 


There will be an eye test during your appointment. Don't worry. It is easy. After that they will take a photograph of you. There's payment of $85.50 for 3 years licence validity or $292.80 for 10 years licence validity. 


FYI, it takes a month for them to mail your VIC driving licence. This licence also acts as your identity card especially if you're a migrant here. It's easier to bring this card everywhere instead of your passport. 


Another point to note: If you intend to buy a car and your appointment is still far walk-in to get the Vicroads customer ID number. It will be a long queue thou. We went during mid-day and the queue was alright but less counters open. 

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