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Published on 24 March 2023 at 14:06

Unlike Singapore, Australia don't have COE. People here do not feel entitled so keep your entitlement to yourself. Be humble. That's my tip for you. Anyway, do expect to pay your car between $3000 to $50,000. Unless you buy a luxury brand...then I'm not sure. 


Be practical. As soon as you arrive here....NEVER RUSH. 

Just rent a car and shop around at the dealership of your choice. Please, do not buy online and when I mean online, that means facebook or whatever website or app that has not been reviewed well in Unless you really know the person and you trust your instincts, go ahead. 


Alot of scammers out to get your money and leave you hanging dry. So do yourself a favour and take my advice. Nonetheless, if you know your cars well, then it would not be a problem. Let's say you like Mazda, just make appointment with Mazda and head down to their place. On the phone, they can share more on the car stocks either new or used cars. It is easier that way so your car can have the necessary warranty and information about the car's history (if it's a used car). 


There are still reliable used cars. Just make sure you do a test drive before purchasing. 

We bought our Toyota Camry car for $9000 at a used dealership store. This price is post-covid. Our car could have cost $3000 pre-covid. Anyway, not even 2 weeks and our car decided to not be roadworthy. Alhamdulilah we still have that one year warranty and mechanic made the necessary changes to the parts and it has been working well. 


I get it that buying a reliable car is not cheap especially when there's a lot of money involved just to relocate. Do what is comfortable for you. Loans are available but it can take weeks to be approved. They need to see your first payslip or HR contact details to verify that you are working. More risks equals to higher loan interest. 


Australia has this interesting salary incentive called Salary Packaging. If your employer provide such incentive, you can try that out as it helps you to pay less tax after buying a car. The company will deduct the car loan fees directly from your salary. Do note that petrol and car maintenance is included in the fee. You will be given a card that helps to offset your petrol - for free! 


An example of fake advertising that I found in FB marketplace. 

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