Renting a house

Published on 8 April 2023 at 00:09

There's a 100 points check form that you need to fill in your data in order to get a rental unit of your choice. I be honest, it is not easy to score 100 points especially when you have never rent a unit before. So if you do not have any experience in renting before, perhaps try to put down your airbnb experience. Especially those airbnb owners whom you had to interact quite closely during your holiday as they will be the one to give a short survey report on you. 

The rental market is crazy now- as of April 2023. Australia opening their borders means more migrants coming in to live, work or study and thus a demand for rental homes. Expect long queues to do your in-person inspection. This is a must. If you are buying from an agent, do expect for them to come check on you every six months or so to see if you can maintain the house well. However, I don't think most agents will do a check unless the landlord ask for it.  


Anyway, it doesn't help that rental prices are so costly too. It's like you're paying the owner's mortgage with his/her profits. It's a dilemma and some owners are not honest. The picture in the app is so different from the reality. Hence, the importance of inspection. There are rent relief available but more for Australian citizens.  But then again, everyone's migration journey is different. You may not even have a problem with the rental situation. 


*Update: If you want to try to secure a rental from overseas. It is possible. We have been helping to inspect many homes for our friends who are coming over in a few days time, in a few weeks or even months. We would be the identified proxy and during inspection time, we will check with the agent if we can do a videocall. So, if you want to find out how...send me a message. 

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