Our steps to apply for Permanent Resident

Published on 11 April 2023 at 07:08

Process is tedious. Seriously. 

  1. Get your blessings.
  2. Find an accredited migration agent or migration lawyer.
  3. Discuss and confirm the type of visa you want to achieve. 
  4. Study and then sit for your English exam.
  5. Find and scan all your certificates. Compile your work records.
  6. Get a statutory declaration for all your documents.
  7. Submit your paperwork to the relevant authority to assess your skills.
  8. Wait
  9. Skills assessment successful. Choose your state. Proceed to lodge Expression of Interest in that state where your skilled occupation is accepted in their occupation list.
  10. Wait for the state invitation.
  11. Received good news. Submit the relevant documents and wait for approval, again.
  12. Department of Immigration Australia will inform you to do your medical check-up, get police clearance and fill up the form.
  13. Wait again. For several weeks to months.
  14. Case worker will ask for missing document so submit that document as soon as possible.
  15. This is the final wait. The last hurdle.
  16. Your PR is approved! Congratulations! 

Like I said, the process is tedious. However, some steps are easy peasy, fuss free. Expect the unexpected too. It's a process. Despite the fact that I am not the willing partner, and delay some of the processes, (thanks Covid!) I still push myself to make this happen. I worked quite closely with my agent especially when Australia borders opened in 2022. Mind you, our application was rejected for Canberra but that's a blessing because I told our agent we were not keen on that particular visa. It's a work visa where you have to work for few years and then you can apply for PR. You won't need to secure a job first before arriving but it's important that you work according to the occupation pegged to your visa. I remembered having to write an essay on why Canberra is a place to work and live. Gosh, that made me fall in love. The reason for rejection was silly but I'm glad they rejected us. 

Getting a visa is strategic planning. 
If you look at immigration Australia visa website on processing time, it can turn you off. Some visas are a long wait. The more complex your case, the longer the wait can be. We did this when the borders just opened so waiting time took a few months. Plus our occupation put us in the top tier. As of May 2023, I do think there's a huge backlog of applications now. Be patient, your time will come. 

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