Ada orang Melayu di sini?

Published on 21 March 2023 at 08:25

Yes, we Malays are not alone! 
For those who needs some familiarity, apparently there are a great number of Malays here. Singaporean Malays and Malaysian Malays. So far I have heard the Malays coming from the North, East and Southeast (I'm here!) of Victoria. 

Please don't be shy to reach me via email. We have a WhatsApp group for Southeast Malays to share event updates. You get to know where Solat Terawih takes place, Zoom sessions on religious talks or Halal buffet that is just open. The platform is great for those who have already moved to Melbourne. So keep in touch with your roots. There are a couple of Facebook groups that you may want to join. Search for keywords that you have interest in. Below is one of the Facebook Group that I find useful: 

There's also Australian Malay Foundation too. Lots of community groups. Also, KMIV is another great platform place for Malays to do their worship too. Do come and support them! 


Malay Community Groups (to be updated in details...) 

  • MCOV
  • AMAL
  • AMF
  • KMIV
  • KUM 

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